This site is managed by the attorneys at Holmes, Diggs & Eames, PLLC.

Holmes, Diggs & Eames PLLC  is an experienced, full-service family law and divorce firm handling cases and issues throughout the State of Texas with offices in Dallas, Denton and Houston.   These includes drafting premarital and postmarital agreements, guiding parties through a divorce or custody case in a manner that best protects their assets and children and, if needed, modifying and enforcing past decrees and orders.  Additionally, Holmes, Diggs & Eames routinely deals with family law cases dealing with international issues such as the Hague Convention as well as divorces that deal with international custody issues and complex property division.

Holmes, Diggs & Eames can be contacted by visiting www.TexasFamilyLawyers.com or calling the Dallas office at 214.520.8100.

Best Lawyers              Holmes, Diggs & Eames is an International Law Referral Member Firm.

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