International Abduction Risk Factors

Texas International Family Lawyers

It is often the case that when a child is abducted internationally by a parent that the non-abducting parent looks back and wonders, “Should I have seen any warning signs?”  Also, if a case is already being litigated, courts will look at certain criteria to determine if there are any abduction “risk factors.”  In fact, the Texas Family Code actually specifies a number of these risk factors for the court to assess and these factors can also be helpful to an individual wondering if the other parent may be contemplating child abduction.   Specifically, Texas Family Code §153.502 sets forth Abduction Risk Factors and states as follows:
(a) To determine whether there is a risk of the international abduction of a child by a parent of the child, the court shall consider evidence that the parent:
          (1) has taken, enticed away, kept, withheld, or concealed…

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